Waterproof Tactical Boots

A battlefield is all about having all the required equipment such as  Waterproof Tactical Boots with you to go hard at your target. Footwear has a significant role to play. Hence no one can rule out the importance of Waterproof Boots. Because the kind of situation a soldier, hiker, or even a camper find themself in with, they need to keep their feet dry and fresh to focus on the task. Moreover, this feature helps immensely to combat all the challenges with confidence.

 Waterproof Tactical Boots

Apart from that, such boots are useful for everyone no matter which profession someone belongs to. Either law enforcement or a routine factory man/a farmer, they all have to face water due to rain or working in field situations somehow. However, the pick of this feature can help to avoid such conditions.

Having said this

Have a glance on some of the Top Waterproof Tactical Boots before you buy

Product NameRatingPrice
Bates Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot-Lightweight⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Smith & Wesson Men's Breech 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip-Gusseted Tongue⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Merrell Men's Moab 2 8'' Tactical Response Waterproof⭐⭐⭐⭐
Timberland White Ledge mid Waterproof Ankle Boot-Rubber sole⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Under Armour Men's' Steller Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot-Anti-skied⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rockport Men's Waterproof Strom Surge Toe Boot-Shock absorbing⭐⭐⭐⭐

However, it is to bear in mind that the selection of right waterproof boots is equally important as to fight on the ground or reaching at the point as a hiker and camper or working at factories/fields. Moreover, we have put in some efforts to help you out to choose the right boot from a list provided above with all required features, including core feature Waterproof.

However, all the above boots have a common feature that is waterproof along with some other. Now it depends upon you to figure out one according to your nature of work. Besides, we are going to unfold in detail about each boot; it will bring a clear picture for all of you to make your mind. 

Let’s get started.

1. Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot

Boots gore tex


It is made of leather and nylon along with rubber outsole, which ensures a firm grip on slippery surfaces. Similarly, moisture-wicking lining keeps the feet dry and fresh all day long. Moreover, waterproof leather makes it durable, and nylon upper brings the protection. Apart from that, a removable cushioned insert is provided to replace it at the time of need. Not only is it a lightweight boot but also with an Eva midsole for comfort.

  • Waterproof
  • lightweight
  • EVA midsole
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Durable

  • Touch Expensive

2. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breech 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip

black tactical boots mens


This boot is the other name of the toughness part from being waterproof. Because leather and rubber combination brings the durability as well as protection. Moreover, It incorporates features like guessed tongue, which keeps it away from all sorts of stones, glass pieces from getting into the boot. However, EVA midsole provides comfort due to lightweight when it comes to wearing these boots throughout the day. In short, a price that comes under the reach of everyone to afford, so waiting for what? Go and enjoy the experience.

  • Leather & Rubber
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price

  • No TPU toe Protection

3. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8”  Tactical Response Waterproof

merrell tactical boots review


A beautiful looking waterproof boot with fabric and leather stuff. A boot to get you through tough circumstances with a rubber outsole, which adds a great deal of traction in it on slippery surfaces. Moreover, Rubberized mesh collar brings support and durability. Similarly, Breathable mesh lining adds comfort to feet too.

Apart from that side, the zipper brings easiness while taking on and off. Similarly, Bellows tongue prevents all sorts of debris or stones from entering into a boot, which is a key for the kind of work is involved. As a result, the boot can be worth buying for sure.

  • Virbac TC5+ outsole
  • Side Zip
  • Shock Absorber
  • It might get stains

4. Timberland White Ledge mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

mens waterproof tactical boots


A boot made of 100% leather brings safety and durability wit itself. Besides, rubber sole provides support for stability too. On the other hand, Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch to avoid any harm or injury.  Similarly, It has premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers also. However, hocks secure lacing at the top. This boot will never let you down. It will come to your expectations. You need to give it a go.

  • 100% leather
  • Waterproof
  • Shaft measures approximately 5″ from arch
  • Rubber sole

  • Slight heavier


5. Under Armour Men’s’ Steller Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot

best tactical boot for running


This boot incorporates an ideal combination of leather and textile, which is another name of safety and long-lasting. Besides, Molded EVA midsole fulfills the need for comfort and support. Similarly, TPU shank provides the required protection for your feet to battle hard without causing any harm. However, a soldier or hiker has to confront wet surfaces quite often; therefore, rubber outsole does not let you fall instead ensures stability.

However, Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch, which adds more protection for your feet. Along with this, you can polish it too for a better look.we highly recommend this boot to make it part of your life. The rest will be history then.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-skied
  • TPU shank for protection
  • Rubber outsole
  • Polishable Toe

  • Bit Expensive


6. Rockport Men’s Waterproof Strom Surge Toe Boot

toe boots


This boot is made of waterproof leather and synthetic sole. Besides, Shaft measures approximately 4.75″ from an arch, which is right hight for the ankle protection. Moreover, it provides shock-absorbing heel cushioning too. On the other hand, the Thermoplastic slip-resistant outsole plays a pivotal role in making it non-skied on muddy and wet fields. In short, this boot can turn out to be a wise choice based on the nature of the job

  • Synthetic sole
  • lightweight
  • Shock absorbing
  • Slip-resistant

  • No Toe protection


1. Are tactical boots waterproof?

Yes, tactical boots are waterproof, but not all of them.  Moreover, Few are complete, and some are water-resistant only. They are made of waterproof leather.

2. What are the best waterproof tactical boots?

Check out some of the best waterproof tactical boots as under:

  • Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot
  • Smith & Wesson Men’s Breech 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip
  • Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8” Waterproof Tactical
  • Timberland White Ledge mid Waterproof Ankle Boot
  • Under Armour Men’s’ Steller Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot
  • Rockport Men’s Waterproof Strom Surge Toe Boot

3. Are Merrell tactical boots waterproof?

Yes, Merrell incorporates this feature in its some of the models for example;

  • Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8” Waterproof Tactical

Final Say

We attempted with honesty to bring the best tactical boots waterproof available in the stocks. However, the question does arise which one can be the best pick among all.  However, You have to analyze your need, job, location even you have to consider whether while picking up the boot.

Moreover, If you belong to a law enforcement agency, your pick will be different than those who are hiker or camper. As far as price goes, it does not put much burden on your budget. Therefore feel free to visit a nearby shop to buy these tactical boots which suit your requirements.

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